Why RPA College® Prep?

RPA College® is the #1 program where you can achieve a true career that produces real results. As well as, compete on the collegiate level all while preparing and practically experiencing your career fields. A true win-win for all students and student athletes. 

More About RPA CollegeĀ®

General Student

RPA College® offers certifications and trades for the general student looking for practical careers that produce real income. Find your career path here at RPA College®

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Student Athlete 


Are you a graduate or soon to be high school graduate looking for a second chance at college and athletics? We are currently taking this year's graduates and max 3 years removed. 

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Future Student Athlete

You have at least one more year of high school left, but you are sourcing options for your college and athletic future. Find out what RPA College® can provide you and your future. 

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